Arcane Makers

Jon Alesch

The past, the present, future.
All are me.
Creation, destruction, rise and fall
shape my destiny and my parts.
The balance and years that merge
Into the annals etched in layers pushed and pulled
Across a landscape capped by heaven

My roots go deep, and reach
back within the ladder of Their memory.
All things come back to Me.
I am the final editor of choice.
And into this a Wicked problem
‘twixt Me and Them rises.
More Their’s, less Mine
explains Their future, seals fate.
Laziness, hubris comes of choice,
washed green and tied with a bow
to last only as long as a whim.
Payment is due.

To Them Collection is uncertainty,
Without mercy I set the schedule,
Sometimes quick, sometimes subtle,
always full of inevitability.
This cycle tightens and time and space
are squeezed until the only choice left
Is exhaustion, despair and the un-real.

Let’s muse together what can be done
To find the bridge ‘tween Me and Them
And right the course to what is Real.

The Magic of the Real
Captures inspiration. It affords thought.
Real is the past, present and future of
My purpose and Their prosperity,
In harmony.

Lore is record of the Real.
What is not Real kills Lore
and turns the Magic into illusion.

There is an ancient Spirit
That lives in lore and artistry,
knows consequence precedes desire
and placement comes first.
This arcane Spirit is manifest in Makers
Whose hearts and skills yearn to connect
what could be with what is.
They dream of minutia and mastery,
Arts and artistry,
Deft and Thrift with the joy of
Creation in their hands,
And their artifacts bond the parts of the Real
with my intentions.

So will I do this, for Their sake.
To these Makers I charge
With the most sacred of quests
to match the concerns of Their Species
With Their own capabilities
And the translation of the Real.
Modern alchemists, artisans and builders
All rebuilding the path back to Me.

So When doubt clouds significance
And greed obscures purpose
Remember Your quest
Of vivisystems, and harmony
Of authenticity and Lore
Imbue what you create
With my Aura and your integrity,
And be Makers of the Real.